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laptop Security Hole Without An Interesting Name
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Laptops are vulnerable objects for casual theft. You can of course buy a security cable, but the attachment port for these is very flimsy, and you are restricted to the one type of mechanism. They are also comparatively costly.

Laptop SHWAIN solves this problem. As the name suggests, it is a laptop with a substantial hole located at one corner. This hole is drilled through a solid piece of metal that folds away when not in use, into the body of the computer using a simple mechanism like that of a penknife.

Now you can secure your computer using anything you like, including a length of chain, or even a Kryptonite bicycle lock.

I had initially thought of simply making the hole in one corner of the computer body, but if you think about it, this would make it hard to use with the lock in place.

xenzag, Apr 23 2009

Laptops For Dummies, 2nd Edition: Tips for Preventing Laptop Theft http://articles.dir..._theft-a939640.html
A few paras down: "Your laptop probably comes with a hole or slot into which you can connect a security cable. That hole has an official name — the Universal Security Slot (or USS)." [zen_tom, Apr 23 2009]

Laptop Security, Part One: Preventing Laptop Theft http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1186
"Does your laptop have a Universal Security Slot (USS)? Roughly 80 percent of the laptops currently produced come with a place to attach your security cable to the laptop chassis. If your laptop supports this, you should use it." [zen_tom, Apr 23 2009]


       You're right, the name isn't very interesting, but apparently it is "Universal Security Slot" or USS.
zen_tom, Apr 23 2009

       so basically you just want a bigger hole to put a chain through... good enough [+]
FlyingToaster, Apr 23 2009

       You don't need to break or cut the cable. It's the puny hole and stub that is vulnerable. A simple pair of pliers can break a Kensington lock off a computer body in about 2 seconds. I've done it as a test. It's the hole that is the weak point, hence the idea for a stronger hole. A stronger hole is a bigger hole, hence the need for storing it, hence this idea!   

       For extra security match the hole in the body with a hole in the screen area, and lock the whole lot in a shut position, with all access to internal components made via a pop-up keyboard.
xenzag, Apr 23 2009

       I only visit the colonies in the summer months :-) I also hear that cannibalism is still practiced in some parts. Be afraid!
xenzag, Apr 23 2009

       .... and the cannibals?
xenzag, Apr 23 2009

       I'm with [21Quest] on this one
zeno, Apr 24 2009

       <begins playing dueling banjos in the background>   

       How about if the laptop housed a sliding circular bar lock as part of its frame. The laptop Is the lock.   


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