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Laser-Guided Stink Bombs

Super Military Grade stink bomb - laser guided missiles...
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Ok, I magine you are getting shot at from the ground and cant axactly find the target or can see the target, whatever.

So you shoot a laser guided super military grade exploding stink bomb missile at them... Just before it hits the ground it shatters into smaller stink bomb devices which then explode all over the place surrounding the target...

Suddenly a whole bunch of huge green plooms of green noxious gases cover the area... the gases stink so much everybody starts puking all over the place and the stink doesnt go away... like skunk it will stick to you...

Either that or they explode spaying glue all over the place and the glue gets stuck in the tracks of tanks and they clog up...

Or maybe they explode and release laughing gas and the people cant concentrate becuase they are laughing soo much... ;)

Or maybe still they could explode and shed a thick film of K-Y or some other really slippery liquid... and they cant get around very easy because we slimed them...

Or even load the cans with weed gas and after a while no one would care about war anymore... and go looking for food...

oxygon, Apr 25 2002


       Half of Afghanistan is poppy-fields anyway, just start a brushfire and you're there.   

       A variation of this weapon would be great for covert ops. Fill Saddam's cabinet members houses with some sort of hallucinogen, and watch the fun.
RayfordSteele, Apr 25 2002

       Weed gas was sorta featured in Mel Brook's History of The World - an Epic... um, undertaking
thumbwax, Apr 26 2002

       Does anyone know if you can defend against laser-guided bombs by shining laser pointers at them and confusing them? Because you really wouldn't want one of these to go astray.
pottedstu, Apr 26 2002

       I doubt you could by pointing the laser AT them. You might be able to lead one astray by pointing a laser, with the exact same wavelength and stuff that the missile is looking for, at another target.
bristolz, Apr 26 2002

       A laser-guded missile will seek the brightest spot of light of the precise wavelength that it is set to look for. Due to the poor reflectivity of typical targets, any laser source is going to be many orders of magnitude brighter than the reflection from the target. If you shine a laser of the right wavelength directly at the missile, it will no doubt conclude that the laser source in your hand is the brightest thing around and therefore will guide itself straight at you. Duck and cover!
BigBrother, Apr 26 2002

       By the way, a stink bomb like [oxygon] describes would be an area-effect weapon. There's no point in having laser guidance (or any other kind of guidance for that matter) on such a weapon. Just launch it in the general direction of the target and run.
BigBrother, Apr 26 2002

       Well then, set up a big white panel a few miles from where you are, and fire a nice powerful 5-10 MW laser at the right wavelength at it. Or replace it with a mirror and increase your odds of success.
Macwarrior, Feb 03 2003


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