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Laser Ads

They are Going to Advertise, But they don't have to cut trees..
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Why not have small pods by the road, that project a laser logo, message, or image onto existing buildings, trees, or or dilapidated billboards. I know you want to advertise, but do we have to cut roadside trees, clear small, unusable plots, and raise a new billboard every time. You can have lasers show an almost infinite number of basic images that glow, and attract attention, and guess what... it is being shown on that stand on trees over there. No cutting needed. CS
chrissayre, Mar 20 2004


       I've heard this idea before somewhere, I think. I like it, but has several kinks in it. 1) Lasers need something uniform to project on to (such as a nice timber billboard). 2) Such a powerful laser would probably be necessary (for readability) that energy costs would be high. 3) Weather: hard to see in sun, illegible in fog, rain, etc. 4) Two words -- charred retinae Billboards definitely need a technological update, but lasers may not be it. Also, it's not saving as much timber as one would think.
imagine002, Mar 20 2004

       What exactly is the laser for? You can do this with any projector type you want. To overcome the problem of an uneven surface, just pick a projection surface that is some distance away from the viewer, and project from the same expected direction as the viewer.   

       If you are projecting with a oscilating laser: Have a camera looking at the projected image, and increase the intensity on areas of reduced reflection. Camera would also be handy to see if someone is standing in the beam and turn it off as a precaution.
nietsch, Mar 21 2004

       Laser Ads are fun, especially if they are on peoples asses. stay tuned for more... www.ass-vertise.com -- we know, we know, you meant Laser Ads, we like those too.
nightag, Jun 01 2004


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