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infrared projections

uses military technology to project images that only digital cameras can see
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All digital cameras try to filter out infrared light so as to get a clearer picture. Not all of them have good filtering, though.

Use an infrared laser to put really bright infrared images that people only can see in their digital pictures.

This has applications fields other than advertising. (eg. anti-advertising, messing with lame-politicians while they are making a public speech.)

It can be used at sports events to hijack broadcasting for your own purposes.

The military engages in infrared image projection for the construction of simulated scenery.

fishboner, Apr 27 2009

projecting images with lasers on the cheap http://www.instruct...er-Image-Projector/
[fishboner, Apr 27 2009]

military uses multimillion dollar ir scenery projection systems http://www.laserfoc...military-IR-sensors
[fishboner, Apr 27 2009]

Image Fulgurator http://juliusvonbis...image-fulgurator/2/
Projects images that only cameras taking flash photos can see [notexactly, Apr 27 2019]


       Baked, kind of. At Siggraph 2006, they had a "Hacking Couture" fashion show. One of the models was wearing a dress that displayed cellphone-readable text on it...
cowtamer, Apr 28 2009

       I'm not sure why //military technology// would be called for to project those images, but the idea is very good.   

       PS: [21 Quest], [fishboner], please do not enter into a flamewar here. There is the whole wide internet for those.
loonquawl, Apr 28 2009

       //All digital cameras try to filter out infrared light so as to get a clearer picture//
Not so. Many traffic cameras filter out visible light, leaving just IR.
coprocephalous, Apr 28 2009

       this could be great for museums where they don't want you to photograph the pictures , for instance. the result could be an occluded image or just a text saying "I'm an idiot" over/above the photographed target. [++]
supershnitzel, Apr 28 2009

       hmm, I guess a general question I have about halfbakery is whether it is okay to apply principles from elsewhere to new applications and call it an invention...   

       Take this idea, for example. Does anything make it original besides the fact that few have heard of using it IR lasers and cellphones for this specific purpose?
fishboner, Apr 28 2009

       sorry, misread as "infrared pajamas"... which surely would have gotten a bun.
Zuzu, Apr 28 2009


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