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Laser Pool

Admittedly this has nothing to do with lasers, though that would be cool
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It's pretty simple:

1) Spray face of Billiards table with a pressure sensitive paint.

No pressure and the paint stays green. Apply pressure and the paint changes yellow for a moment or two.

2) Play pool, and admire the cool lines that trace your shot, and liven up the table.

swimr, Sep 09 2008

You could use this stuff http://jockimo.com/prod-livingfloor.html
Though I think the weight of the balls won't be enough... [theleopard, Sep 09 2008]


       You might do it with the video of the shot.
neelandan, Sep 09 2008

       neelandan, how do you mean?
swimr, Sep 10 2008

       Aim a video camera at the table. Process the video signal by computer to add trails behind the balls as described.   

       Each ball could be programmed to have its own coloured trail.
neelandan, Sep 11 2008



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