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Movable Billiards Table

A movable table for smaller rooms
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The table would be on 4 castors, and they would sit on carefully leveled square tracks with rounded corners. This way the table could be moved from corner to corner in a small room so there was always room to make a shot.

Since the balls would move when the table was moved, either a magnetic system or some kind of cover to keep the balls in place would be needed, unless people took care moving it.

Giblet, Mar 25 2005


       This table and track combo would be easily movable when needed. 20 times in a game if nescessary, which conventional tables dont offer. These wheels wouldn't need locks as you would be on the opposite side of the table from the wall as it would be held in place by the corner itself.
Giblet, Mar 26 2005

       I think the key here is how you're going to lock the balls in place. Any real ideas?
DrCurry, Mar 26 2005

       if you dont have big enough rooms you dont deserve to play billiards, in my opinion!
willywilliams, Mar 26 2005

       The table could move electrically so that it would never accellerate or decellerate fast enough to move the balls.
Giblet, Mar 26 2005

       The surface of the table underneath the felt could consist of a grid of many small, square "pins", which fit together smoothly. Under normal operation, they are all level to create the playing surface. When you need to move the table, they could sink slightly where the balls are to form an indentation, keeping them in place.
Detly, Mar 26 2005


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