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Laser gun

tesla coil laser gun
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Ok this is based on the wireless tazer except with my own ideas.Basiclly you would have a tesla coil inside the barrel of the gun the tyroid would have to be made out of a sturdy conductor that can be polished to a mirror finish.you would make one side of the tyroid a mirror with an angle of refraction at 90 degrees(mirror B).now running next to the coil would be a single uv laser.Insulated in plexiglass pointed at a mirror with an angle of refraction at 90 degress(mirror A).now with the laser on it hits mirror A bounces to mirror B(directly contacting the tyroid) and exits a barrel at which point the tesla coil is turned on.Since the laser is insulated the arc shouldnt fry the laser and instead follow the ionized air path down to a target to cause a good bit of damage.And you wouldnt need two lasers to create a circuit because a tesla coil discharge flows to ground(your target) through path of least resistance (Laser trail) Let me know if this holds water.

Also maybe use a Nucell(nuclear battery) if they've fixed the radiation caused degredation problem for a power source

Supposedly nucells in ideal conditions will put out 70 watts for about 2 years out of something the size of a soup can

lurchula, Aug 15 2003

(?) Possible parts? http://www.halfbake...m/idea/www.Amazing1
all kinds of neat stuff [lurchula, Oct 21 2004]

Channeling of an ionizing electrical streamer by a laser beam http://www.iop.org/.../361/26/nj2161.html
Yadda [phoenix, Oct 21 2004]

(?) Non-Lethal Weapons: Terms and References http://www.zarc.com...af.html#Electricals
Yadda (See "Electrical, Projector") [phoenix, Oct 21 2004]

(?) Space and Electronic Warfare Lexicon http://www.sew-lexicon.com/gloss_a.htm
Yadda (See "ANTI-PERSONNEL BEAM WEAPON (APBW)") [phoenix, Oct 21 2004]

(?) Set Phasers on Stun http://www.x10.com/.../news/1205_apbw.htm
[phoenix, Oct 21 2004]

(?) HSV Technologies Announces Patent on Engine Disabling Weapon http://www.hsvt.org/Release2222000.html
[phoenix, Oct 21 2004]

Information Unlimited https://www.amazing1.com/
First link fixed after 13 and a half years [notexactly, Jun 09 2018]

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       Yes, but can you carry it in a holster?
Cedar Park, Aug 15 2003

       It would be about the size of a shot gun.maybe larger (think men in black)I would think it would be mostly for fun.Especially considering that you can actually see the "beam" because of Electron flow and ionization. I for one would like to have Something like that to toy around with. I was hoping there wouldnt be to much energy loss over distance. I'd like to see it set fire to something.
lurchula, Aug 15 2003

       Who cares as long as looks cool and burns things.   

       P.S. I hope Arnie wins itll be nice to have a legion of T-800's protecting america
lurchula, Aug 15 2003

       Burning tiny holes in armor is not what the laser is best at. A single laser scanned over a battelfield would could knock out almost every photo sensor (including retinas). They can be used to remotely set fires over a wide area of grassland. They are also wonderful for IR illumination, communications and target illumination.   

       I wonder if the laser [UB] is describing was a test platform for their anti-satellite program.
FloridaManatee, Aug 15 2003

       The laser itself isnt what would cause the burning it would be the high voltage running across it to the target that does it
lurchula, Aug 15 2003

       As stated in the idea, the laser is just there to ionise the air, allowing the charge to flow to the target. I've no figures to hand, but I'm imagining that a UV laser with enough power to do this is at any significant range is probably going to burn a hole in the target anyway.   

       I'd be interested to see if anyone does have numbers, though. Scale this up and you could fire lightning bolts at things.
st3f, Aug 15 2003

       Would anyone know what the minimum possible size for this would be
lurchula, Aug 15 2003

       //I've no figures to hand, but I'm imagining that a UV laser with enough power to do this is at any significant range is probably going to burn a hole in the target anyway.\\   

       I'll get a link on this in a bit (rather tired at the moment) but there's a company making a wireless Taser that works on this principle. Actually, that kind of makes this baked I guess. Anyway it's said to be harmless so I presume the LASER isn't all that powerful.
Madcat, Nov 10 2003

       [-] because it's not written in intelligible English.
notexactly, Jun 09 2018


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