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Laser road art

Use lasers to draw animations on the road
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All sorts of animated drawings on the road behind the vehicle... A running dog, road kill etc. Also a line drawn across the road which can have a suitable tagline. Closer vehicles will have ELOHSSA written on the front face of the car.
Ling, Nov 18 2011

LightLane http://www.lightlanebike.com/
Wouldn't be tough to extend this product's functionality. [swimswim, Nov 18 2011]

Ghost Road Ghost_20Road
[theircompetitor, Nov 18 2011]


       This is an excellent idea, to which I see no possible objection.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 18 2011

       "Follow me for free laser eye surgery!"
hippo, Nov 18 2011

       "If you can read this your bumper is melting"
Voice, Nov 18 2011

       Very nice. I am wondering if the road or laser needs to move to make this work. I have seen some laser shows but generally these are shapes and abstract, not depictions of running things. Could you make a move with a bank of concert sized lasers?
bungston, Nov 18 2011

       I like the taglines...   

       I think simple animations are no problem for lasers and servo mirrors. I've seen an impressive show recently.   

       Synchronising the animation with the road speed could make the object seem stationary wrt the road. However, if it was stationery, then it would draw itself...   

       <swimswim> I'd forgotten about that product!
Ling, Nov 18 2011


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