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Laser spiralled avocados that pop peel

lasers engrave a spiral pop seam (like biscuits) on an avocado, causing them to be an instant snack
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you have an avocado, squeeze it lightly and it autopeels to reveal the delicious fruit effortlessly. It has been spiral laser engraved to function rather like pop open biscuits
beanangel, Sep 06 2016


       Wholly guacamole.   

       I'm not sure this would work. Avocado flesh adheres quite strongly to the skin - I think you'd just wind up with mush stuck to strips of skin.   

       Howevertheless, [beany], there is an experiment you can do. Just use a sharp knife to scribe your spiral pattern. If that doesn't work, lasers ain't gonna help.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2016

       It's a long shot, but with peaches you can make them peal really easily by blanching. What happens if you heat the skin all over with the laser to help it peal, then spiral cut it?   

       It seems to me that this might cause the fruit to spoil faster, but who knows.
scad mientist, Sep 06 2016

       Sounds safer than an explosive charge embedded in the pit, but not nearly as much fun. +
whatrock, Sep 06 2016

       //I'm not sure this would work. Avocado flesh adheres quite strongly to the skin//   

       If you lased at a tangent to the surface you could cut it free. And you'd stutter the beam so that it was held in place prior to peeling.
I leave the spoilage issue to someone more capable of wild speculation.
Loris, Sep 07 2016

       If you infused the avocado with CO2, it could pop/peel itself.
FlyingToaster, Sep 10 2016

       If you infused the avocado with tequila you could call it a Snot Shot. Or not.
blissmiss, Sep 10 2016

       ^ :-J
whatrock, Sep 10 2016


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