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Late Night? Fixed Right

2nd / 3rd shift auto repair shop
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Auto repair seems akin to cable installation to me.

At your inconvenience. What if there were a place that could fix / service your car at a time when you didn't need it?

It may cost more, but what of the cost of your Saturdays or missed work?

I feel the same about drycleaning too.

Why not a nightcleaning?

Zimmy, Sep 27 2011


       In Mexico they do a lot of things at night, because it's much too hot during the day! I saw guys fixing roofs at midnight because up on a roof in the midday sun could kill you!
xandram, Sep 27 2011

       // I saw guys fixing roofs at midnight //   

       We have the same thing in England; a lot of work is done on church rooves at night.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 27 2011

       which might explain that MB brand second-hand lead I saw at the car boot sale....
not_morrison_rm, Sep 27 2011

       Inconvenient business hours are sometimes the result of collusion. For example, bankers might keep "bankers hours" because it's nicer for the bankers, and because, as long as all the others do likewise, profits don't suffer. (This requires a class of businessmen content to make a comfortable living, but not aggressive about maximizing profits.) But if one, more aggressive than the rest adopts a policy of staying open late, the others either follow suit, or lose business. (Laws restricting business hours are one legal way for the less aggressive businessmen to prevent this.)   

       So, this is a real idea: in fact, the germ of a business model. [+] In fact,this could be pitched to employers who, in lieu of "personal days" used to run errands, pay the surcharge for this service. They could pay the true value of the employee's time, to the employee, because, for the employer, there would be additional value in not disrupting the work of other employees by that employee's temporary absence.
mouseposture, Sep 28 2011


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