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Launcher Trampoline

Launch yourself high in the air w/out the aid of your friends
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Anyone who has used a trampoline is probably aware of the technique "double-bouncing", where one person jumps, and stretches the fabric down, and the other person comes down, and gets launched. This is really fun, the more people launching you, the better. I propose a trampoline with a giant crank attached to the trampoline at multiple points. You could set how hard it lets you go. One problem with this is that trampolines are already a huge liability. But still, think of the fun.
Zouw, Nov 15 2003


       I had a similar idea a month or so ago ( did't post it, thought it was not very origanal ) I called it an "elevator". Basicaly, it was a giant sling shot with a platform instead of a pouch. You would get on and pull the lever...
my-nep, Nov 15 2003

       Thing is with all the stuff underneath it wouldn't be a comfortable landing.
Wingmaster, Jan 09 2007


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