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Ping Pong Trampolines

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Ping Pong Trampolines consist of a pair of trampolines attached to a set of rails so that the distance between them can be gradually increased or decreased. The two trampolines are inclined towards each other at an adjustable angle.

Using the Ping Pong Trampolines involves bouncing from one platform to the other in a gradually increasing arc. Small motorised servos automatically adjust the respective angles after each bounce along with the space between the two trampolines to maximise the amount of height gained by the participant.

To add to the effect, each trampoline emits a loud ping or pong sound on completion of each springing impact.

xenzag, May 20 2017


       This is all very well and good until one wants to stop pinging and ponging.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2017

       What? no giant sponge table tennis bats.
wjt, May 20 2017

       A moat and alligators might add something.
popbottle, May 21 2017

       If you're totally bonkers you can position each of the ping pong trampolines on two adjacent tall buildings.
xenzag, May 21 2017

       // adjacent //   

       Would you oblige us by maybe putting some numbers on that ?   

       Are the buildings to be of similar heights ? Will wind speed and direction be a consideration ?
8th of 7, May 21 2017

       Trivial details are left to the minions.
xenzag, May 21 2017


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