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Lawn Guy Land

A place to get away from the city.
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A large coastal island resort in New York state, with beach access and opportunities to possibly glimpse the ultra-rich and/or famous.

A prime appeal for female patrons would be the opportunity to sit on a private porch and watch beefcake lawn service guys do their thing in the sweltering heat. Heat that makes the lawn guys remove their shirts and covers their chiseled bodies in glistening sweat. To help these women slake their thirst, the resort would supply these women with plenty of iced tea.

The place would be famous for its iced tea...

beauxeault, May 30 2002

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       More iced tea for Bliss!
FarmerJohn, May 30 2002

       Huh! Sexist pigs!
[ sctld ], May 30 2002

       long island iced tea please. and I hope the lawn care place is an equal opportunity employer.
rbl, May 30 2002

       <useless lawn factoid> In America, there are more lawn chemicals from runoff in our groundwater per capita than come from agriculture.
RayfordSteele, May 31 2002

       [bliss] So if I post a 'Beefy Men with cats' idea you just might get all hot and bothered?
RayfordSteele, May 31 2002

       Mr. Steele, that's baked. That would be a reverse Shemale.
dag, May 31 2002

       Well you know what they say about big feet.
waugsqueke, May 31 2002


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