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Mobile Theme Park

Introducing: The Disc World Luxury Cruiser Theme Park
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The name says it all. I bet this will be more interesting than Disney can ever aspire to be.

This luxury cruiser cum theme park should rest on a huge robotic turtle of course, with four elephants and all. The park rides can take place on and around the disc, with hotel rooms around the edge.

In addition, the whole thing will be mobile, and the turtle can carry the entire theme park from port to port. Imagine the delight it will bring to the theme-park-deprived millions.

baboo, Apr 09 2002

Floating City http://www.freedomship.com
Adding an amusement park to this wouldn't increase the size much. [dag, Apr 09 2002]

Prevent Credit Stealing http://www.halfbake...20Credit_20Stealing
Ironic, ain't it? [bristolz, Apr 09 2002]


       I don't think the Freedomship [link] has an amusement park on board yet. I'm sure they can incorporate it into the design.
dag, Apr 09 2002

       Actually, Disney does have a cruise liner, i think it had a theme park of sorts on it. So, for the mo, Partially Baked.
[ sctld ], Apr 09 2002

       "Imagine the delight it will bring to the theme-park-deprived millions."
As long as you live on the coast. Near a very large port. And can afford admission. 'Course if any of that is true, you probably don't need the park to come to you.
phoenix, Apr 09 2002

       baboo - you should give Mr. Pratchett the credit he deserves for the inspiration for this idea.
quarterbaker, Apr 09 2002

       Didn't Pratchett get the inspiration from Kurma (one of Vishnu's avatars)? Stephen King did the whole giant tortoise of goodness thing also, in "It".
waugsqueke, Apr 09 2002

       waugs - yeah, but "Disc World" kind of gives it away, no? [I don't think that Pratchett is obvious enough to warrant un-credited allusion, whereas something like "to be, or not to be" is obvious enough to not require attribution].
quarterbaker, Apr 09 2002

       qb, indeed yes. Missed that.
waugsqueke, Apr 09 2002

       More interesting than Disney? Perhaps not.   

       How about a similiar idea, but with food, clothes, shelter .. you could go to all the third world countries and serve the life-deprived millions, rather than the theme-park deprived millions.
kuupuuluu, Jun 02 2005

       This idea was unfairly fishboned for unoriginality.   

       It has been said that all innovations are new combinations of things which already existed. Theme parks already existed, cruise ships already existed and the elephants- on-a- turtle model of the world already existed, but [baboo] has proposed a legitimately new combination of them. [+]   

       Of course, nowadays, given the environmental impact of cruise ships, the responsible thing would be to build this in space.
pertinax, Oct 27 2021


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