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Lawn Lotion

Prevent moisture loss!
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Consider lotion. It does not penetrate the skin, but lies on top of it. Water cannot easily pass through the oily lotion, and thus is retained in the tissues below. Wouldn't it be nice if there was something like this for your lawn?

Now there is! BUNGCO is proud to introduce Lawn Lotion, the first moisturizing lotion for the lawn. Applied to the lawn, Lawn Lotion settles down onto the soil surface to form a hydrophobic layer which retains water below. A gentle rain of water from above easily moves down through the Lawn Lotion to nourish the grass - since oil floats on water, the Lawn Lotion is essentially a one-way barrier keeping your lawn moist and your grass succulent! Lawn Lotion is not hazardous to plants, and just like a cell membrane, allows free passage of nonpolar molecules like oxygen and CO2. Best of all, Lawn Lotion will make your lawn smell great!

bungston, Mar 04 2005


       Nice. I needed a bit of fun right now. This might be bad for succulents though.
finrod, Mar 04 2005

       Yeah, that would really mess up my cactus lawn (?)
squeak, Mar 04 2005

       And when the lawn needs a trim, do you use wax strips ?
skinflaps, Mar 04 2005

       //hydrophobic// Rabies?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 04 2005

       [squeak] If it were up to me, I would have a cactus lawn. easier to take care of.
finrod, Mar 05 2005

       (+) SPF 15   


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