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Lawnmower Fertilizer Attachment

Fertilizer Attachment for Lawnmower
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This is such a simple idea that there may already me something like this on the market though I can't find one.

Problem: I mow, then a couple times a year I fertilize with weed- and-feed. I usually fertilize on a day that I'm already mowing, but do the mowing and fertilizing in two separate "trips" around the yard (see where I'm going with this?) ;-)

Solution: Make a lawnmower attachement that spreads fertilizer from a small hopper (just like the hand-held fertilizer spreaders). As a person mows the lawn, the spreader tosses out fertilizer (the dry small-granule kind) at whatever rate you set it to.

jballard, May 02 2004


       I like it. There should be aeration attachments as well.   

       So the really heavy areas that you have to go through at half speed get twice as much?
ldischler, May 03 2004

       In spite of the link for professional models, this is a great idea for push mowers and the homeowner. The rate of feed could be coincident (or powered by) with the power drive. The fertilizer could then be fed directly into the deck to be spead across the area mowed (of course, this would work best while mulching). This would allow you to fertilize more often, and much more lightly. by fertilizing more lightly, you could avoid burning the lawn and overlap lines.
Salted Nuts, May 03 2004

       Thanks for the baked link foolserrand. That is the idea, but I had in mind a much cheaper contraption. With hand spreaders being under $10, a simple pole and battery (mount it like a birdhouse on a pushmower) would work for $25 max. Not perfect, but affordable and time-saving.
jballard, May 03 2004


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