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Lawnmower Safety Reel

Quickly pull grandfather in if he should fall
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Fit a harness on grandpa and set him on the ride-on lawnmower to do the yard. If he should fall asleep at the wheel, or start mowing off into the distance, quickly tug him off the back off the mower via the extra long cable attached to his back.

Also works with grandmas.

benfrost, Jan 21 2006


       just tie grampa up w/o the mower...perfect for the older Alzheimer's patients and children alike! TetherPaw..... or Tether Maw?
Dumb But Tough, Jan 22 2006

       A brilliant idea with one tiny flaw... what happens when the extra long cable gets caught in the mower blades?
moomintroll, Jan 23 2006

       Is this to do with that film from a while back where the old guy goes off on a life affirming adventure across the Mid-West on his lawnmower? (I've not seen it, but meant to)
zen_tom, Jan 23 2006


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