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Mini-Hummer Lawn Assault Vehicle

Keeping vigil over your turf
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This ultimate lawn vehicle is meant to pull several lawn tending units at once (i.e. lawn roller, lawn fluffer, as well as the newly introduced blade sharpener/oiler). Fully enclosed, and similarly equipped to its military counterpart, this is a true lawn assault vehicle in every sense of the word. Of course, it comes with a class two hitch on its fortified rear bumper. The MHLAV has a machine gun deck, accessible through the armored sunroof. The drivetrain and suspension are fortified to provide a 5,300 lb carrying capacity - enough for a TOW Missile Launcher system. Other standard features are: night vision LCD display for neighborhood reconnaissance, 1.8 liter Turbo diesel engine, dual-zone air conditioning, dvd player, and child crew safety compartment.
flerper, Jun 08 2004


       Sadly, I can see there being a market for this
hippo, Jun 10 2024


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