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Lawnmower oil temperature gauge

Warm enough ?
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Many if not most non ride-on lawnmowers have air-cooled gasoline-fuelled engines, typically a single cylinder four stroke.

Air-cooled engines need to be warmed thoroughly before they develop full power output. On air-cooled aviation engines, this is done by monitoring the oil temperature.

BorgCo engineers are developing a simple Go/No go indicator using a bimetallic strip which replaces the oil filler plug/dipstick and reveals a green telltale when operating temperature is reached.

This reduces stalling and engine wear.

All that is then required is to train the user not to start mowing the lawn until the green button shows. This is achieved through a comprehensive programme of frequent vicious beatings, electric shocks, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement in a restricted space, waterboarding and verbal abuse (harsh but necessary; it eventually worked when explaining about oiling hedgecutters before and after use).

8th of 7, May 16 2015

I Know What I Like... https://www.youtube...watch?v=y1tFQMjc-IE
(Thanks [Ian] - that's such a great album... [normzone, May 19 2015]


       So it's come to this. A once proud hegemonizing swarm, reduced to lawnmower optimisation.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2015

       What [max] said.
Grogster, May 16 2015

       Oh, wait. Never Mind. Just read the last sentence. [+]
Grogster, May 16 2015

       // reduced to //   

       We prefer to view it as "no detail too small". From a gigantic spaceborne planet-killing weapons array down to supersophisticated nanotech, there is very little we cannot scrutinise and improve in some way.   

       Besides, these things are important.
8th of 7, May 16 2015

       I hear that the Collective is working on a radical new defence-capable fly-by-wire unmanned tea cosy.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2015

       Be afraid. Be very afraid ...
8th of 7, May 16 2015

       Just make your piston tolerances to F1 standards, then the whole engine will be effectively seized until you pre-heat it to operating temperature, precluding any non-optimum mowing.
bs0u0155, May 16 2015

       Get a goat.
blissmiss, May 16 2015

       Goats can be very attractive, but I doubt they'd distract [8th] from his mission to improve the lawnmower. And in any case, other posts suggest that he's already discovered women.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2015

       //This reduces stalling   

       How about wind shear?   

       //A once proud hegemonizing swarm, reduced to lawnmower optimisation.   

       (sighs...it's come to this...slippery slope to comfy slippers and hot milk...)
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2015

       ...and lots of cats.
pocmloc, May 19 2015


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