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Multi-purpose Lawnmower

Lawnmower powers multiple devices
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Problem: Recovering from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, can require a variety of equipment that the average household does not have room to store. Flooded basements require that water be pumped out; water stains must be removed as a result of the flooding; emergency power sources must be employed.

Suggestion: The majority of homeowners in the US purchase gasoline powered lawn mowers. I propose that a lawnmower manufacturer offer a model that incorporates a "power take off" connection on the mower, or design the mower so it will easily and quickly bolt to: a pressure washer pump, electrical generator, or water pump accessory unit. Having one power source driving these units is much less expensive/more efficient/less space demanding than each unit having it's own independent power source. At least four devices could be driven by the same engine, as needs require. The accessory devices would be useful during everyday life as well.

Nov. 25, 2005: Corrected spelling in title from Muti to Multi and later lawmower to lawnmower. Thank you Ian.

Anyway, While watching TV today an ad flashes before my eyes for Troy-Bilt who has now manufactured the "Flex" idea. They have many add-ons, including a water pump, but not a generator, yet. I wonder how many companies have produced Halfbakery ideas. If your idea has been produced, please edit your idea and note "Now Baked" (or whatever the site owner prefers) rather than just "Baked" We can search the site for the keywords to see how many times our ideas have been put into use.

Edit 2020 3 17 Add a power takeoff if need be to allow the device run a log splitting machine and/or sawmill and/or Ditch Witch and/or post hole digger and/or gas powered, non-electric log hauling/stump pulling winch. A flexible PTO cable could possibly run a mobility limited chain saw

Sunstone, Nov 12 2005

Revolutionary, space-saving yard care system https://duckduckgo....b&atb=v165-1&ia=web
Troy-Bilt® FLEX™, a revolutionary, space-saving yard care system for homeowners. FLEX features one rugged engine with four click-on attachments to make it a snow-thrower, lawn mower, leaf blower or power washer at any given time. [Sunstone, May 08 2016, last modified Sep 22 2019]

Multi-Use lawnmower wins Home Tools and Maintenance Edison Gold Award http://www.edisonaw...com/winners2016.php
NottinghamSpirk Congrats @TroyBilt for the FLEX modular yard tool system being honored w/ Gold @EdisonAwards http://ow.ly/4n3P4q [Sunstone, May 08 2016]


       Some companies have something similar for "whipper snippers" - basically a modular garden tool power unit, to which one can bolt the business end of hedge trimmers, chainsaws, pole saws, brush cutters, etc etc.   

       You pay a lot for the privilege however...
Custardguts, May 08 2016

       Personal shaver and mustache trimmer?
whatrock, May 08 2016


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