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Lazy River Mall

Now, you can laze and do your travel shopping at once.
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While on vacation at resorts featuring lazy rivers, I noticed a tendancy of men to sleep, while the women remained alert in the inner tubes-- reading or listening to music. Now, vendors can pay a fee to peddle their wares on an extended lazy river track. each tube carries behind it a 'cart' tube. Seeing as few carry money in bathing suits, the purchases are charged to the rooms account. Stores may include magazine shops, snack stores, and perhaps even some drinks. Thanks.
watermelancholy, Jul 26 2002

Lazy River Office http://www.halfbake...zy_20River_20Office
By [smizzou]. [phoenix, Jul 27 2002]


       I like to get away from vendors when relaxing, I mean before you know it people are trying to sell thepeople sausages and its all gone crazy.
No fishbone, because I think others may feel differently but if I want to 'relax' I go nowhere near purveyors of goods. If I want 'retail therapy' (which often I do, but rarely does it coincide with relaxing) I take myself to the high street.
Horses for courses my Young friend.
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 26 2002

       So the men get sleepy...the women go shopping...AND CHARGE EVERYTHING TO THE ROOM?   

       Recipe for disaster! But I am always for laziness, so I may croissant this....yawn - when I wake up.
Jinbish, Jul 26 2002

       Splurging = Cha-CHING!
watermelancholy, Jul 26 2002


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