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Lazy Tourist Cam

Take pictures of places you've never seen
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You've gone to Rome. The weather's scorching - Too hot to go out and see the place, in any case.... But still, you make the effort. When you eventually get to the Coliseum, there's a 7hr queue! What are you to do? You want to record the fact you've been there for memories-sake.

Simple - Set the camera to Coliseum, stand in front of a white wall (or any plain colour*) and snap away, including all the usual OOOhh-Arhhh (pointing/gesturing) you normally do. The camera will remove the background (key) and superimpose you in front of a replacement background of your choice.

*Note: If you can't find a plain-coloured wall, take a picture of any wall, and that background will be subtracted from the image before the fake background (and you) are superimposed.

Dub, Oct 17 2005

Fake Vacation Photo Generator http://www.museumof...eblog/comments/767/
Click on the embedded link for visuals. [jurist, Oct 17 2005]

(?) Put Yourself In The Picture http://www.fstop-bl...ng-yourself-in.html
How to take photos of your "fakation". [jurist, Oct 17 2005]


       Didn't someone propose providing pictures of whole faked holidays?   

       Anyway, the Coliseum is one place where the lines don't matter - everyone takes their pictures *outside,* no queuing required.   

       Finally, this is substantially Baked: plenty of tourist attractions (Toronto's CN Tower, for example) have kiosks that photograph you in front of a green screen, then superimpose you on a selected shot. Of course, you may have to queue for the kiosk...
DrCurry, Oct 17 2005

       The John Hancock building in Chicago has a photobox with a window and a window-cleaning scaffold in it, and a background of Chicago's skyline behind it.   

       Stand in the box, get your picture taken, tell your friends that's how they make you work off sneaking into the skydeck.
shapu, Oct 17 2005


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