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images of sound

sound camera visualises where sounds are coming from
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Imagine a photo of a street - sound (represented by white) comes from the feet, from the wheels of cars and busses, from the exhaust pipes from the mouths of people and the trees. Sound bounces around everything like reflected light, with darker patches where objects shield its transmition to 'the camera'.


How's it possible? lets say a triangle of microphones use.. triangulation to get the direction of the sound. You can imagine this working fine for a defined sound - like clicking of fingers. But would it work for more subtle echo location? all i can say is that i'm sure the human race is capable of doing that.

It might also be nice to display the 'texture' of sound too.

to clarify, this is a visual image which represents the incoming sound as a camera does with incoming light.

Also, that 'the triangle' was an example. Hey - lets hope one of you has seen this Baked! wooo!

nicholaswhitworth, Apr 09 2010




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