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Lazy mousepad pants

Pants for the lazy porn surfer
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Based on the mousepad pants already posted, these are pants (underwear/jockeyshorts/whatever) which have the mouse inside a double layering of fabric around the penis area. Whlst looking at the porn the user is able to move the mouse for it's computer use and feel themseles up at the same time.
Miss Weston Smith, Jan 14 2003


       Although quite amusing I don't think that any more cat's tongue masturbating aides are needed on the HB. One was quite enough.
Miss Weston Smith, Jan 14 2003

       Are you suggesting that it's only men who look at Porn?
The Sandman, Jan 19 2003

       Actually, thinking about it, your right. Vibrating lazy mouse for women. Could soon be available in Ann Summers shops nationwide.
Miss Weston Smith, Jan 23 2003


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