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Multiwear- Underwear

When side A is done, use side B. Or C. Or D,E,F,G...
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If you place one brief (panty?) inside another and sew them along the garter, you have Multiwear Underwear. When you've worn side A for long enough and have to change, simply rotate and use side B. When you're done with that, turn inside out and use side C. After a day or two of that, rotate again and use side D. Nothing new, you probably do that all the time anyway.

To activate the Multiwear feature, pull the inside brief out, stick your hand in a leghole and pull the entire thing inside out. Push one of the briefs back into the other one and voila! Four fresh surfaces appear. These are designated as sides E, F, G and H.

If someone has thought about a design for underwear with more than 8 surfaces, please let me know. IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT.

mailtosalonga, Feb 21 2006

Twin Axes Symmetropants Twin_20Axes_20Symmetropants
by me. Concerned with fully reversable undercrackers, though for a rather different purpose. [calum, Feb 21 2006]

My take on an improvement to this system Long_20use_20Underwear
Perfect for Everquest, World or Warfare, and Survivor marathons. [Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 21 2006]

angel's anno Continuously_20Fresh_20Underwear
[DesertFox, Feb 22 2006]


       and then what, they get thrown under the bed for a month or two? hand-washing is not exactly rocket science you know.
po, Feb 21 2006

       I think I can improve on that. I'll make a new invention
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 21 2006

       "Grandpa, how did you take off your underwear without taking off your pants?"   

       "I don't knooowww."
phundug, Feb 22 2006

       I searched in vain for Mobius Underwear - I'm sure someone posted it but I can't find it now. Maybe the 'bakery mice have eaten it.
wagster, Feb 22 2006


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