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Leaving Gift Fund

Leaving gift fund - salary deducted
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We've all experienced the "Person's Leaving" syndrome, including the associated cost and hassle.

In order to save hassle I propose this: Each month each memeber of staff has an automatic £2 ($3) salary deduction. This goes to pay for leaving presents for the staff who leave. The benefits are:

A) No more being hassled for cash in the office.

B) Spread costs - people tend to leave in groups.

C) Stamp out cheapskates. (Those that only put in 20p or nothing at all.)

D) Usefull Gift-Vouchers issued automatically when Payroll enter the employees leaving date onto the system.

E) Discreet - no more whispers and brown envelopes going around. All above board.

CasaLoco, Jun 04 2001


       I've never encountered this particular tradition. The idea is that you give some commemorative gift to a departing employee?
egnor, Jun 04 2001

       [egnor]: Yes, unless you were the one who fired them.
angel, Jun 05 2001

       Why not simplify this: everyone sets aside a little money each month, and when you leave, you use it to buy a leaving present for yourself.   

       <personal testimony>I got a gift when I left my last job (although I'm not sure how many people paid for it, because my friend bought it without collecting money first, so I worry she's horribly out of pocket); the person leaving before got a communal gift, and gave a small present to the people still working there; but the 2 people leaving before him didn't. Perhaps a national standard leaving present based on tax paid, to avoid hurt feelings.   

       Earlier, when I was working at a supermarket part time through uni, there were people leaving all the time. They didn't get nice gifts, but on each person's leaving night piss-up, everyone each bought them a drink (often either tequila, or avocaat and vodka), guaranteeing they were completely wasted; that's a good alternative. My leaving night - well, I won't tell you about that.</personal testimony>
pottedstu, Oct 16 2001

       what about sabbaticals? My housemate is so lovely that when I leave this weekend to go and work in Scotland until Christmas, she's planning some kind of party. Actually, hang on, is that because she's pleased to see me go...?
lewisgirl, Oct 16 2001


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