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Redundancy Armband

So you don't have to ask the obvious.
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Today, at work, lots of people are being made redundant. The process is complex and results in staggered leaving dates. Some people will be leaving at the end of the day, some when their project finishes. Some people are still under consultation.

The redundancy armband would a coloured armband indicating the employment status of the wearer, thus avoiding the repeated question of, "Are you going to be here next week?"

st3f, Dec 05 2003


       Why not stick to making them wear pink slips?
DrCurry, Dec 05 2003

       People who felt the need to rant repeatedly about their dismissal could leave the armband off, to ensure they were still asked as often as possible.
kropotkin, Dec 05 2003

       Instead of an armband, how about fake teeth. A group of the teeth would be blacked-out, representing having been kicked-in.
dobtabulous, Dec 05 2003

       Isn't this baked? Hitler did this once already.
k_sra, Dec 05 2003

       After a change of management at work recently that's left pretty much everyone in our software team, oh, about one meeting away from handing in our notices, I've taken to wearing one of those clip-on 'Visitor' badges that sit by the doorway. Got some nice Che Guevara wallpaper on the PC. Think it'll be the "I am Spartacus" t-shirt next week. I rather like the armband idea, but I'd like to extend it to those who've quit in disgust. Make it red, with a big two-fingered salute on it, and I'm in.
Guy Fox, Dec 05 2003

       ...they have an automatic weapon slung over their shoulder?
krelnik, Dec 05 2003

       If the time comes for the company to let me go, I'll start wearing a burlap sack and see if anyone gets the idea
Letsbuildafort, Dec 05 2003

       "Redundancy" in the UK means they're letting you go, right?
waugsqueke, Dec 05 2003

       Waugs: Well, not me specifically, but yes. Redundancy is laying off workers due to a change in market, company performance or whatever rather than sacking workers because of poor individual performance.   

       Oh, and everyone with the nazi armband comments. Thanks loads. It's made this week, well, more of what it is already.
st3f, Dec 06 2003

       //Thanks loads. It's made this week, well, more of what it is already.//   

       Aw, I thought it was part and parcel of the idea... a joke, like. <glum> Sorry.
k_sra, Dec 06 2003


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