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Legal Conversation Recording T-Shirt

T-Shirts printed with a legal dislaimer regarding recording of conversation
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Ever wished you'd recorded that nasty conversation with your boss, colleague, business associate, etc., in order to be later used as evidence?

In at least some countries (e.g. Australia), there are legal problems with recording conversations without permission of the other party. Certain situations seem to stretch the definition of "permission" - e.g. Taxis simply have a sign warning that conversation may be recorded.

I propose T-Shirts printed/emblazoned across the front with words along the lines of "Warning: Conversation May Be Recorded".

The idea being that any individual engaging you in conversation has been warned about the potential to be recorded. Of course, no-one will be quite sure whether the T-Shirts are serious or some witty post-modern joke... so they won't hold back on their incriminating behaviour...

Oh, and assuming success of the legal angle, the T-Shirts could be pre-prepared with wires and listening/recording devices for the conveinience of the purchasor...

Achenar, Jul 16 2005


       I like it. [+][+] if you can incorporate a waterproof flash-based voice recorder, and if you throw in Bluetooth, my head asplode.
Acme, Jul 16 2005

       Here (Australia), an acceptable notice that your telephone conversation is being recorded is an audible beep every few seconds. You could make the shirt do this, perhaps.
Detly, Jul 16 2005

       so that's what that beeping noise is.. I had no idea.
neilp, Jul 16 2005

       apart from the wired-up bit where you might get mistaken for a terrorist...
po, Jul 16 2005

       In the case of a work environment you could make it as a tie.
ferox, Jul 16 2005

theircompetitor, Jul 16 2005

       I'm no expert but this what I think.   

       In the US, many states prohibit audio recording unless both (or all) parties actually consent to the recording. In these states, the shirt warning is likely insufficient or certainly challengeable.   

       In other states, those that allow single-party consent, only the party doing the recording and being recorded themselves need to consent and, so, the warning is superfluous.
bristolz, Jul 16 2005

       This could quickly become an ironic T-shirt, much like FBI ones. If so it could be used by undercover cops with a sense of humour. It would seem so blatant that nobody would suspect them.   

       Interaction surveillance is not limited to audio any more. Would some of there t-shirts read "Warning. I may be videotaping you right now"? Because that would be creepy.
hidden truths, Jul 16 2005

       Video recording without audio isn't covered by many of the current consent laws. It's the audio that matters and is of greater evidentiary value, especially if a re-telling.
bristolz, Jul 17 2005

       HAL-9000 gets along just fine with only video, thanks.
joeforker, Jul 17 2005

       Isn't that a fictional device?
bristolz, Jul 17 2005

       Item 5: T-Shirts are deemed inappropriate for employee dress.   

       Item 6: Clothing implanted recording devices are considered inappropriate for our buisiness. Any such use of said devices are grounds for immediate dismissal, and any use of such device is inadmissable in a court of law.   

       You will, of course, have to sign something similar to the above mentioned before accepting the job, you know.   

       (plus, you already signed something to the effect that any legal action you want to take against the company will be settled by an "cough, cough, (sorry) Independant ARBITRATOR")
Zimmy, Sep 12 2006


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