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NY <3 I

For narcissistic tourists.
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"I love NY", with the "love" represented by a heart, is an iconic T- shirt design which is seen very often not just in NY but throughout the world. However, its message isn't always accurate. Why is all this love being given to New York, without anything in return? It's time for the Big Apple to repay the favor. To make sure everyone knows you're the toast of the town, switch the "I" and "NY" on the shirt, and flaunt your self-centeredness to everyone who sees you.
DrWorm, Dec 20 2010

Yes, [mouseposture], a breast wearing a hat http://visuallyoffe...9/boobie-beanie.jpg
(A breast hat, actually) [normzone, Dec 22 2010]


       New York doesn't love you. You can be run over by a gypsy cab, eaten by rats, move back home to Nebraska ... it doesn't matter: next morning she won't even remember your name. There are plenty more where you came from, just as good or better.   

       You must be thinking of some other city.
mouseposture, Dec 20 2010

       How about "I <heart> Y" Good old original York doesn't get much love.
marklar, Dec 20 2010

       Sounds like NY is in love with Rastafarians.
nineteenthly, Dec 20 2010

       Well, it's easy when that happens.
nineteenthly, Dec 20 2010

       The title looks like you are saying that NY has either big-breasted women, or guys that wear funny hats.
Ling, Dec 20 2010

       I thought it meant New York is less than 31...
xandram, Dec 20 2010

       NYC has both big-breasted women *and* guys that wear funny hats. In fact, it also has big-breasted men and women in funny hats. New York has everything! In fact, it's probably even got breasts in funny hats.
mouseposture, Dec 20 2010

       I thought it meant I dropped my ice-cream in New York.
spidermother, Dec 20 2010

       Surely it should be NY {halter-top dress} *me*. Well, not me in particular, but not "I".
pertinax, Dec 20 2010

       I thought it meant NY ram 1.
blissmiss, Dec 20 2010

       I thought it had something to do with bottoms.
PeterSilly, Dec 20 2010

       Like New York Butt #1 ? Interesting.
blissmiss, Dec 20 2010

       If you look at it as viewed from above, <3 looks like a bird with a pointy beak, therefore the formula reads as NY birds I. Almost the exact opposite of the intended meaning!

Incidentally, does the formula NY < 3I have a solution does anyone know?
DrBob, Dec 20 2010

       You need a nested IF statement!
xandram, Dec 20 2010

       [DrBob] NY<31 is true for all Y<31/N.
If we search on Google for "N=1", "N=2", N=3", etc. up to "N=10", we get most results (about 90m) for "N=3", so therefore by the Axiom of Democracy, N=3 and so the equation is true if Y<31/3 or Y<10.3333
hippo, Dec 20 2010

       Well yes, except that it's Y < 3I/N not 31/N. I got as far as NY/3I < 1 and then ran out of enthusiasm.
DrBob, Dec 20 2010

       Isn't it a complex number? So it's saying that the vertical element of a pair of Cartesian coordinates is less than three i. Very nearly makes sense.
nineteenthly, Dec 20 2010

       Ah I get it.
New York is sub-prime.

       Ok, give us another one then...   

       @blissmiss - it was more like a sideways view of someone sitting on a bench...
PeterSilly, Dec 22 2010


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