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Dinosaur building Lego/jig-saw
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I tried to kill off the world's Lego before with an idea, but had to admit failure.... so I bring you my submission: Lego-saurus.

It's just a set of Lego that makes into a specific dinosaur, except each buiding brick is individually made with a small number on its locking protrusions, that corresponds to the ones into which it fits. The Lego set then also performs like a Jig- saw.

When completed, the model looks like a dinosaur made out of Lego, except with much smoother outlines, due to the idividually curved contours of each brick.

Comes in full colour, or traditional primaries. Don't get the kits mixed together unless you like a challenge or want to create monsters !

xenzag, Nov 23 2006


       Each piece individualized? Production would cost considerably more for a press for each individual piece. Their mindstorms idea is great though... It adds another element of user-creativity while not adding significantly to traditional production costs.
twitch, Nov 23 2006

       there are plenty of dinosaur kits, and you can make one out of the regular lego bricks, but it will have exaggerated saw- toothed edges unless it is huge.   

       The Lego-sauruses will look like models of dinosaurs, but with a parallel horizantal and vertically tiled surface, with the bricks all having the same depth, but width variations..... hope this explains it a little more.
xenzag, Nov 23 2006

       + Or they'll just ignore you and you'll see the idea in next years Christmas catalogue.   


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