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famous car crashes scale model construction kits
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While most model construction kits focus on the building of pristine replicas of vehicles in showroom condition, the Make-car-nage range would enable a series of famous car accidents to be rebuilt. The kits would come complete with mangled victim, to be assembled and placed in the middle of the wreckage, along with a diorama to provide the context, and a set of diagrams plus accident reports to appeal to those fascinated by such incidents (see Cronenberg's film Crash, based on the much better book by J.G. Ballard)

Included in the range so far: James Dean (Porsche 550 Spider), Grace Kelly (Rover 3500 P6), Jayne Mansfield (1966 Buick Electra) , Princess Diana (Mercedes -Benz S 280)

xenzag, Jan 06 2006

Buildings of Disaster: Alma Place Tunnel http://www.mossonli...438/category_id/257
The idea reminds me of this set of collectible miniatures of buildings and situations that were related to disaster in a wider sense. (John Waters mentioned them in an NPR interview with Terry Gross.) [jutta, Jan 07 2006]


       A bit sick, but I can see this selling well (Marc Bolan; Mini)
hippo, Jan 06 2006

st3f, Jan 06 2006

       Next you'll be proposing sets of pictorial dinner plates and coasters depicting these incidents.
skinflaps, Jan 06 2006

       Nope... that would be for famous poisoners.
st3f, Jan 06 2006

       Could do Plane/Helicopter crashes as well...
Payne Stewart: Lear 35
Buddy Holly: Beechcraft Bonanza
Minimal, Jan 06 2006

       I found Ballard's book repulsive (sex and car crashes don't *really* mix). Nevertheless, all my model cars ended up in crash scenarios. All my other models, too. Those that didn't go up in flames with the Indian Fort.
DrCurry, Jan 06 2006

       DrCurry - [sex and car crashes don't really mix] ! I disagree - what about the thought of a lorry shedding its load onto the hard shoulder of the M6 on a dark Saturday night?
xenzag, Jan 06 2006

       xenzag: it was the wiping the sperm on the dashboard that turned me off.
DrCurry, Jan 06 2006

       Careful where you point that! Spare-me-dashboard ! (sorry )
xenzag, Jan 06 2006

       I thought Princess Diana met her end in an S500 LWB.   

       Some others I found that died in auto or air mishaps:   

       Bill Graham, concert promoter, Bell Jet Ranger 206B
Harry Chapin, singer (I think it was a Toyota Celica)
Sam Kinison, comedian
Ernie Kovacs, comedian
Desmond Llewelyn, "Q"
Margaret Mitchell, author (she was hit by a car).
George Patton, general
John D Rockefeller III
Knute Rockne, coach, Fokker F10A Trimotor
Ronnie VanZant, guitarist Steve Gaines, vocalist Cassie Gaines, Lynyrd Skynrd band members, Convair 240.
bristolz, Jan 06 2006

       Yes, I heard that she wouldn't be seen dead in one of those tiny 280s.   

       (Bad Taste! Sorry in advance)   

       Other notables:
Ayrton Senna: Ferrari F1 race car, San Marino
Lisa Lopes (TLC): Mitsubishi SUV
Jackson Pollock: Cadillac
Steve Allen (Comedian): SUV
Dale Earnhardt: IndyCar
Minimal, Jan 06 2006

       bristolz - you can mix and match to customise - Lady Di in a head on with Jayne Mansflied. They could swap heads.
xenzag, Jan 06 2006

       The S class cars of a given year all look the same size and none are "tiny."   

       Dale Earnhardt didn't race Indy cars. He was NASCAR.
bristolz, Jan 06 2006

       Now that I can see the full potential of the many variations there are, I'm thinking of expanding the idea to embrace the dreaded Lego market.... Sorry - but it has to be done - don't try to stop me.
xenzag, Jan 06 2006

       bristolz: how could you forget James Dean? Especially since the fatal car went on to maim or kill a bunch of other people (see Wikipedia - there was a real curse going there for a while).
DrCurry, Jan 06 2006

       Because it was already mentioned.
bristolz, Jan 06 2006

       [bristolz] Ah, yes, the Lynyrd "We don't need to stop for gas" Skynrd model, complete with empty gas tank and drug paraphenalia laden cockpit.
normzone, Jan 06 2006


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