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Lenticular Doormat

A doormat that, when viewed from different angles, says different messages.
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Doormats can beckon visitors into the house with a hearty "Welcome" printed on their surface. But the fact that these mats display the same message as people leave is, frankly, nonsensical. To remedy this, doormats should be made with angled fibers, printed in the method described in the link. When approaching the door, the mat would read the usual "Welcome"; but if viewed while exiting, the mat would display a more appropriate "Goodbye", or a blunt "Get Out".
DrWorm, Feb 04 2010

Lenticular printing http://en.wikipedia...Lenticular_printing
You know, those pictures that kind of change when you wiggle them...? [DrWorm, Feb 04 2010]

Bristle_20Matrix_20Doormat it is written in the bristles [xenzag, Feb 05 2010]

Clever (though non-lenticular) Version of this idea. http://www.suck.uk....duct.php?rangeID=66
[zen_tom, Feb 05 2010]

illustration of my suggestion http://usera.imagec...e_mat/prism_mat.jpg
[xaviergisz, Feb 05 2010]

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       Or shalom.
DrWorm, Feb 05 2010

       The mat should say "Welcome" except for a tiny fraction of a second as you approach it, when the mat will display a subversive lenticular subliminal message.
hippo, Feb 05 2010

       WELCOME . . . . removeyourclothes . . . . WELCOME
wagster, Feb 05 2010

       You could make the mat out of a series of adjacent triangular prisms (i.e. a triangular wave in cross section). The person arriving sees the image/text displayed on the right-facing prism faces, while the person leaving sees the image/text on the left-facing prism faces. I'll link to an illustration shortly.
xaviergisz, Feb 05 2010

       That's exactly it!
DrWorm, Feb 05 2010

       + I love it!
xandram, Feb 05 2010

       Oh. So not doormats made out of lentils?
normzone, Feb 05 2010

       No, [norm], that idea's bean and gone ...   

       We would like a mat that says "Resistance is Futile" in one direction, and "You will be Assimilated" in the other.   

8th of 7, Feb 05 2010

       Fallen victim to indecision once again, [IT]. You can't hover on the threshold forever.   

       You'll wonder why you ever hesitated ...
8th of 7, Feb 05 2010


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