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Secret Floor Ballot

No more angry looks when you press "3"
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If the other person in the elevator has pressed 15 and you go in there and press "3", you will get some disappointed stares (stairs?) from that guy, you can bet.

With the Secret Floor Ballot, each employee in a large office building has a small remote control in his pocket, with which he can signal "3" without the elevator button lighting up. By the time the thing stops at the third floor, he is out the door before he can see the grimaces of the elevatee he left behind.

In fact, no one in an elevator knows which floors it will stop on (except for their own). Don't forget to bring your remote, because then you'll have to press the real buttons, which *will* light up and which will have stupid looking faces painted on them to point out that you forgot your remote.

phundug, Apr 24 2003

This will end the madness. http://www.halfbake...Local_22_20Elevator
In this system, the elevator stops on every floor regardless of whether it's been selected. [snarfyguy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I think they have support programs for people like you.
DrCurry, Apr 24 2003

       I like ridiculous elevator ideas. +
snarfyguy, Apr 24 2003

       what would piss them off much more, is if you have an overide button and send it back *down* to the lower basement.
po, Apr 24 2003

       "15, please." "Belay that order!"
phundug, Apr 24 2003

       <lower basement>
po, Apr 24 2003

       To actuall be a ballot, as in an election. the evevator should take all the presses as 'votes' for what floor to go too. You can also use the remote to signal the elevator should come pick you up, which is added to the tally for that floor. the boss's remote could be hacked to count as 50 votes.
johnmeacham, Apr 24 2003

       I'm on the elevator with four other people going to the 15th floor. someone gets else gets on and i mash down on my remote lighting up all the floors.
davidcreede, Aug 09 2003

       The one thing that would really upset folks in my building is when the janitor would get on and use his special elevator key. He would simply cancel out every floor that was selected and then go directly to the floor of his choice non-stop.
Jscotty, Jan 17 2006


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