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Let's all sweep the streets

Sorry, it's a "Let's all" idea, but it only works if many people participate
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I don't mind driving on snow but I really hate the icy grooves that are formed by heavy traffic on snow. To avoid the grooves every car should be fitted with a strip of bristles under the front bumper that reach to about 1/2 inch above the ground. The assembly has a slight slant toward the curb or other suitable configuration. As the car drives the bristles and draft from the bristles push the snow slightly towards the curb. The snow is not thrown in a pedestrian killing avalanche like snow ploughs do it. Instead there are just little swirls that move the snow 1 inch. The next car does the same. After 80 cars passed you have a nice, clear road without the hassle of snow ploughs. The system is self-tuning. Busy roads are cleared first. In summer the strip of bristles can be removed to improve aerodynamics and avoid stirring up dust.
kbecker, Dec 03 2003


       [reensure] from the help file, why not to lets all   

       Likely reasons to call for deletion are:   

       let's all ... - the author wants everybody in the whole world, or every web designer, or every company, or every government, to do something or stop doing something, or do something in the same way, that wouldn't be particularly original if a single person did it. This also includes calls for a central place to do something or to collect some information.   

       Hence [kbecker]'s trepidation.
PiledHigherandDeeper, Dec 03 2003

       Simple and effective. +
dobtabulous, Dec 04 2003

       I think this idea can use phrase 'Let's all' without being a 'Lets All..' Idea. The difference is that the idea relies on a large takeup to be viable as a solution (as stated). Iced Bun from me.
gnomethang, Dec 04 2003

       Anybody who has studded/snow tires installed for the winter should also get one of these put on. But we'd still need a plow to get us out in the morning after a night of heavy snow.
oxen crossing, Dec 04 2003

       [oxen] I agree, snow over about 6" may require a plow to get started, but it doesn't even have to plow all the way to the pavement. That will save a lot of damage and once a day will do for a busy road.
kbecker, Dec 04 2003

       yep - what [UB] said
seedy em, Dec 04 2003

       If an air dam were placed ahead of the bristles in fair weather, the aerodynamics could be improved. A potential problem with [kbecker]'s idea is that it could stir up more powder into the air and reduce visibility for trailing vehicles. Still, after a long day of frollicking in the snow, I like to enjoy a warm flakey.
wittyhoosier, May 10 2006


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