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Road condition scanner

Grind traction control, pour on frikkin lasers
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A bumper or grill-mounted laser that scans the road ahead for temperature, texture, and composition and feeds the data into the traction control system computer. Ideally would also synchronize the traction control system with the cruise control system, allowing you to safely leave cruise control on even in inclement weather, and should be able to anticipate events like hydroplaning and take preventive action.
21 Quest, Dec 29 2020

https://scholar.goo...bber+coplymer&btnG= [beanangel, Dec 29 2020]

not quite so lasery Radar_20Controlled_...20Response_20System
[normzone, Dec 29 2020]


       If the laser was powerful enough it could melt any ice, or even melt the tarmac a little so it flowed to fill in potholes
pocmloc, Dec 29 2020

       I was pretty sure I remembered something like it too, and I searched pretty exhaustively before posting this.
21 Quest, Dec 29 2020

       Upgrade the headlights. Downward oriented X-7_Starsuns should do.
wjt, Dec 29 2020

       From what I can tell, they all use sensors attached to the wheels/axles to detect minute amount of slippage already occuring.
21 Quest, Dec 29 2020

       What goes well with this idea is electrorheological tires, or electro hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity tires.   

       That way the car's computer can decide if Extreme lack of slipperiness is right for the car just at that moment, induce electricity, or conduct it, and have the tire's physical properties change.   

       Racing enthusiasts could start it off (I hear that's a thing) as like really high traction gooey tires could be used at start "peeling out", but they would electrically convert to some less frictional kind of rubber for the many circles around the autodrome.   

       PEDOT is a transparent conductive polymer, and rubber is rubber. Google scholar mentions when the two are attached together [link].   

       They can make little solenoids out of PEDOT, so another possibility is that conductive polymer linear actuators at the tires could spread the tread valleys really wide, or press then shut for different tractions and rain safeties.   

       I'm big on the private sector and favor driverless cars, but perhaps they could offer better rain traction tires to anyone with a DUI. "Squeezetread RB, because if you crash again, you lose your license. Permanently."   

       And of course, "Lost your license? No worries! Ez financing and driverless cars! from $2100" (The cheapest car on earth is $2000)
beanangel, Dec 29 2020

21 Quest, Dec 29 2020


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