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Liar's Day

A Celebration of Humanity's Finest Skill
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Although April 1st is called 'Liars Day' in some countries, it is still just a version of 'April Fools Day'. A day when people play puny practical jokes on each other and tell totally obvious lies.

Instead, I propose that April 1st becomes a celebration of great lies and liars. After all, who do we elect to lead us? Brave soldiers? Renowned philosophers? Or the biggest liar in the country?

Popular culture is dominated by lies. Pop Stars sing songs of rebellion then drive off in big cars. Adverts extol the virtues of useless products between every TV program and in the pages of magazines and newspapers. Everyone lies (except for me of course). It's about time that we embraced our liars instead of reviling them.

And in the spirit of Liar's Day, I suggest that it becomes law that anyone who tells a lie on Liars Day cannot be prosecuted for that lie as long as they do not get found out on the day that they told the lie. And anyone stupid enough to get caught in a lie on Liars Day suffers double the normal penalties.
DrBob, Feb 14 2001

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       I was going to suggest renaming Election Day as Liars Day but that would exclude all the world's other fine liars. Religous leaders, used car salesmen, the West Midlands Serious Crimes Squad, everyone involved in PR. The list of examples is endless.
DrBob, Feb 14 2001

       Truly endless for, I think, everyone lies at some time or another.
bristolz, Feb 06 2002

       The problem (paradox) with this idea is that the truly great liars would never be found out.
phoenix, Feb 06 2002

       Everyone gets found out in the end.
DrBob, Feb 06 2002

       This is baked in indonesia where they have the liars festival during the spring when the liar (similar to a village idiot type figure) is smacked around the town square with a wooden plank.
notripe, Feb 07 2002


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