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Make Valentine's Day a Federal Holiday

Make it a REAL Lover's Holiday
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Why not close all federal buildings and most businesses (except dining, entertainment, and hospitality establishments) so one could devote the ENTIRE DAY to one's partner!
Sparki, Sep 14 2001


       There are countries where people have tons of days off every year.   

       They don't produce as much, thereby causing their economy to stink. They tend to have double-digit unemployment, too.   

       Take a vacation day if you want it.
seal10, Sep 14 2001

       Bah! Humbug! Fishbone!
DrBob, Sep 14 2001

       aaarrrgghhh! I hate that stupid day! Skeleton for you!
Susen, Sep 15 2001

       Man, it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Gordon is against this idea! After some of the stuff I've seen on this site -- contact lenses you can eat!? -- I think this almost makes sense.
Sparki, Sep 15 2001

       If you were to somehow involve custard... Oh wait, that could be baked.   

       And [seal10], I wouldn't equate poor economic performance to number of public holidays alone.
sdm, Sep 15 2001

       I still don't know why everybody's so down on this
Sparki, Sep 15 2001

       Oh. Let me add to it. If government agencies, schools, and most businesses were closed, those who are UNPARTNERED could use the day off to do something nice for those less fortunate, spend time with friends and family, or spend the day in pursuits they find enjoyable and rewarding.
Sparki, Sep 15 2001

       <cupid>Sparki, have you met HighSchoolMan yet?</cupid>

Valentines day is a multimillion dollar boost to the economy. Flowers are overpriced, delivery is another add-on charge, Balloons, Candy, Cards, Champagne, Dinner, Negligee - Valentinos and Valentinas keep the Economy alive and what you are advocating would mean Macaroni and Cheese, Beer and T-Shirts shared between couples. There would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth - not only in bedrooms but on Wall Street.
thumbwax, Sep 15 2001

       Aside from all that, My exwifes Birthday is V-Day - many years ago she had a shitload of furniture and crap (which she'd charged to various charge accounts in my name - including some I didn't even know about and which she had postponed delivery until that day) - delivered - hours before I was tossed out on my ear. Fucked my shit up. Nothing but $87.00 in my pocket of which $75.00 went to securing a storage facility to put my furniture which I retrieved from snow. That left me with $12.00 to start my life over with. Why oh why Osama Bin Laden missed her I'll never know. I'd like to have seen her red crap thrown around - or at least gotten the good news.
thumbwax, Sep 16 2001

       Dear thumbwax,

Afro Assault has been threatening me lately, please make him stop!

Your ex wife
AfroAssault, Sep 16 2001

       Dear exwife,

Put your ear to the ground, keep it there no matter what, and listen for a stampede of cattle while AfroAssault opens the cattlegate.

Your cashcow,

thumbwax, Sep 16 2001

       [thumbwax], my favourite thing about you is that I completely understand your bitterness and appreciate that you don't buy into the forgive and forget rhetoric..... I wish I could introduce your ex to my ex. Sounds to me like they deserve each other in many ways....(yes, judge, I'll take his credit card debts so that I don't have to sell my horses.....)
Susen, Sep 16 2001

       So, every Tom, Dick, and Gordon here is saying that on Valentine's day, one should go about his everyday responsibilities instead of devoting the entire day to one's partner? What romantic enchantment is in THAT?
Sparki, Sep 17 2001

       Keep 'em hot n' horny.
I'm not saying dispense with it entirely - the occasional weekend when Valentines Day occurs is enough overkill. The idea on Valentines Day is to make them want to see you again, if at all - not to be sick of you.
thumbwax, Sep 17 2001

       Make it a *feral* holiday and have people go around rounding up stray animals.
phoenix, Sep 17 2001

       I can't stand Valentine's day in general. I'm pretty close to talking my girlfriend out of it altogether. Why the hell do people think they need Halmark to tell them what day is the day to pay attention to their partner?   

       Pick a random day. Call it "Sparki Day" (that's kinda nice, actually). Buy meaningfull presents instead of stereotypical Valentine's nicknacks. Buy a bunch of flowers as big as your head for the price of a dozen Valentine's roses.   

       Also note that, if you're not in a relationship, Valentine's day sucks a lot. Why make a point of reenforcing the myth that people in relationships are better off and happier than people who are not? What sort of message does it send if it's made into a federal holiday? There are much more important dates that could be made a holiday.   

       To quote DrBob: "Fishbone!"
sycorob24, Nov 11 2003


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