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Life Soundtrack

Cybernetic implant provides life's soundtrack
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An implant that plays a continuous soundtrack for your life. Installed in the bone ridge below the ear, it uses a sophiticated genetic algorithm, along with biofeedback, to continuously play music relevant to the situation. Tenseness makes the music more suspenseful (or relaxing depending on the way the wearer trained the algorithm).
mjd, Oct 12 2000

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       How about a ghetto blaster and a tape?
AfroAssault, Oct 12 2000

       Turn that implant down!
thumbwax, Oct 12 2000

       This device would play music relevant to the situation. Wouldn't that make things worse? Nothing like having a suspenseful soundtrack to make your already-stressful day unbearable.
BigThor, Oct 18 2000

       I think it would only be bad in a tense situation. In an exciting or active situation (such as playing a sport, or something competitive) it would probably help by playing suitably energetic music that would get your adreneline going.
PotatoStew, Oct 18 2000

       You have to admit there is a certain amusement in, say, "eye of the tiger" starting up when you're out playing football with your friends
imagooAJ, Oct 18 2000

       I think this would be great, as I could only imagine what would go running through my head in the middle of a long workday...
dagrrl, Nov 18 2000

       So if you were having sex would you get to hear the cheesey porno music?
batgirl, Nov 19 2000

       i just wanna say that AfroAssault's idea is great
boombot5000, Feb 28 2001


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