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Life on Mars

Conway's Life, that is
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I'm afraid this is a little derivative of my date and time on the Moon thing.

If it turns out there's no life on Mars, i propose that it be tiled with fairly small slabs, maybe about six kilometres across, which are in communication with each other and play out the rules of Conway's Life by changing colour appropriately, probably between transparent (i.e. the Martian surface) and cyan, luminous if at night. It then gets seeded with a particularly pretty and interesting set of patterns, perhaps one which simulates a computer, and then there really would be life on Mars.

nineteenthly, Aug 05 2008


       Of course, if the slabs are left to run and manage to run in perpetuity they will at some point create a two-tone mosaic representation of Philip Glenister, which would thrill perhaps nobody.
calum, Aug 05 2008

       <hand up to be counted> for the Gene genie.
po, Aug 05 2008

       {A big welcome to all the new visitors to HB, BTW. Sorry to disappoint you, but hang around, I'm sure you'd enjoy what you find here.}
Dub, Aug 05 2008

       Funny you should say that, [calum], because i seriously considered both him and John Simm as possible Easter eggs. It would resolve the face on Mars argument and, if John Simm, he would also be the Master, which would thrill even more people.
nineteenthly, Aug 05 2008

       To go boldly where Neumann has gone before...
4whom, Aug 05 2008

       There's precious little sign of new men either on Mars or in 'Life On Mars'. In fact, in the latter case that's part of the point.
nineteenthly, Aug 05 2008

       //von noi-mahn// is the correct pronunciation. Hell, I even corrected the split infinitive to get the joke across...
4whom, Aug 05 2008

       Sorry. For obvious reasons, i read it as a German word. Clearly my fluency in German destroyed my ability to get the joke there. There were these three Chinese blokes, you see...
nineteenthly, Aug 05 2008

       ...and all of a sudden it was mahn-ing, Supplies! <end punch-line>
4whom, Aug 05 2008


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