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Long-life Solar Reflecting Moon Sheep

Flock of reflecting sheep that graze on the moon
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The next manned lunar landing should consider taking with them a flock of my Long-life Solar Reflecting Moon Sheep.

Each sheep is made from an ultra light, mirror surfaced, gossamer thin material and is packed away in a small container.

Once on the moon a very small amount of gas is admitted to the sheep which in the zero pressure atmosphere then inflate like a balloon to giant proportions. I'm thinking about each one being at least a tenth of a mile in length when fully filled.

Once deployed, each sheep is individually tethered on a long leash and positioned randomly across a large area, but everyone has a tiny low powered engine, which makes it move about randomly, by periodically emitting a little puff of gas.

When viewed from the earth the flock of sheep should be visible glinting the sun's rays on the surface of the moon, as they gently rove around their new barren pasture forever looking for the fresh grass that never comes.

xenzag, Nov 29 2006

Man on Moon https://www.youtube...watch?v=wuz2ILq4UeA
at last, a shepherd to tend to the sheep [xenzag, Nov 15 2015]


       I don't think a jet engine would work on the moon. How about a solar powered electric motor.
xaviergisz, Nov 29 2006

       Baad idea. It won't stop with sheep. Once you allow sheep on the moon, it won't be long before someone else will put some cows there, then other people will add other animals... soon you'll have a whole moonagerie. +
imaginality, Nov 29 2006

       That pun could actually relieve constipation.
shapu, Nov 29 2006


       Who could possibly bone this?
Custardguts, Nov 29 2006

       Cute idea... how about we inject good ole US capitalism and competition into this. The US offers the first drug company to come up with an economical proven cure for ______ (insert disease/disorder here), the advertising rights for ten years and those sheep will create when inflated the logo/name/emblem of that drug company. Every ten years we could be curing diseases like cancers, juvenile diabetes, auto-immune diseases, multiple sclerosis, etc. Or car companies could be offered that space if they can create a car that get 80 miles per gallon, etc. They pay billions for the naming rights of silly little football stadiums, so why not??
Alysonwonderland, Nov 29 2006

       the world is too much with us late and soon wordsworth
bulb, Nov 29 2006

       edit - new engines fitted to sheep following xaviergisz's anno
xenzag, Nov 29 2006

       Bone to advertising. Bun to sheep.
squeak, Nov 29 2006

       Do sheep eat cheese?
skinflaps, Nov 29 2006

       Shawn does
squeak, Nov 29 2006

       An electic motor would not work on the moon as there is no air for a propellor to push. A puff of gas would work but would run out, I suggest something along the lines of the jumping mechanism found in those annoying yapping toy dogs that do a backflip. The sheep would be solar powered and a spring would be wound during th daylight hours, then when fully tensioned it would leap into the sky. With 1/6 earth gravity it should be able to travel a decent distance.   

       alternatively, the sheep could fire out an anchor line and then winch it's way to the anchor.
marklar, Nov 29 2006

       I think I'll go invest in a telescope company. Sales are bound to skyrocket as soon as this idea is fully baked.   

       (You do plan on fully baking this, right? theres no reason not to.)
Hunter79764, Nov 29 2006

       Just start with inflatable sheep, I hear they sell well in less densely populated areas.
craigts, Nov 29 2006

       Cool idea Dr. X but not practical. I'm on the fence +/- for now.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006

       [Chefboyrbored] my sheep don't like people who sit on the fence... either join the woolly crew forever ambling merrily about in the field of no grass or face the dreaded punishment of individually varnishing a thousand frantic cockroaches.
xenzag, Nov 30 2006

       Wow, such great options so little time.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006

       A non-pun solution: mylar spheres folded origami-style. shot or brought to the moon and allowed to expand with a little gas. These balls can be huge! like 40 feet in diameter. Maybe if they are big enough, you could look in a big telescope and it would look like God is playing marbles on the moon.
twitch, Nov 30 2006

       //I think I'll go invest in a telescope company. Sales are bound to skyrocket as soon as this idea is fully baked.//   

       see last link...
xenzag, Nov 15 2015

       Idea as now copied by Jeff Koons, except his piece is as dull and uninspiring as a bowl of frozen dishwater left at the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft.
xenzag, Feb 23 2024

       Thank you for mentioning it, [xenzag] - that was something I didn't know about the Odysseus lander. Maybe you can get something on the next one.
a1, Feb 23 2024

       Ha - I've tried for years without success to get my idea of a grand piano into a permanent orbit. Musk was interested but that's as far as it has gotten so far. Bezos is too detestable for me to contact and Nasa never respond. If you're interested, the idea is called "In Space No One Car Hear You Playing Chopin"
xenzag, Feb 23 2024

       Nobody you'd be willing to work with is returning your calls? Nothing for it I guess... start your own launch company. What would a [xenzag] launch vehicle look like? Birds, sailing ships, balloons, cannons, slingshots have been considered by others.
a1, Feb 23 2024


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