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Lift A 737 Bench Press Day

Either pick the object you want to lift at the beginning of the workout or have the app tell you what you lifted afterwords.
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The app would give you a list of exercises, weights reps etc that would total the amount of pounds needed to lift various really heavy objects like tanks, planes, trucks, elephants etc.

It would show a graphic of the object illuminated to the extent that you've lifted it's equivalent weight as you progress, either during that session, over a week, month or even year. Seeing what you lifted the equivalent of would be more fun, challenging and satisfying than just numbers.

For instance, for chest press say you do about 63,000 pounds total, 700 reps of 90 lbs. With this app you get pictures of what I could have lifted if it was cut into 700 or 800 pieces. a mobile home, construction truck, or an empty railroad boxcar.

Now that was just chest press, pretty sure if you can do a full day total that's five times that with all the weight stations. Now we're talking Boeing 737 (broken into pieces which should be pretty easy) medium sized house or a railroad locomotive engine.

Setting a goal like the Eiffel Tower in a year sounds extreme, but it's actually pretty plausible. If your'e working out 5 days a week you're only talking 56,000 pounds a session.

That sounds like a lot but it's really not. And what a fun goal to set on new years day eh?

doctorremulac3, Jun 09 2024


       [+] I like this one. But I wouldn't try to bench press a 737. Just tie a string to the nose wheel and run. Really fast.
a1, Jun 09 2024

       Every freelift workout includes moving "Earth, the entire planet", by a tiny, tiny amount. If I'm remembering physics lessons correctly.   

       So it should be totally possible to start with the Eiffel Tower on new year's day and simply add nanometres to your total with each exercise. Yes?
not_only_but_also, Jun 11 2024


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