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On Picking Up Girls

Start with a group of girls...
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One of the things that it is said that girls tend to like about guys is their pectoral development. A guy with wimpy chest muscles is considered to be less physically attractive.

OK, well, what about the general rule that if someone wants something, then that person should be the one striving to obtain it? That is, if an average girl wants an average guy to develop his pectoral muscles, what should she do to help the process along? The guy, after all, seems generally expected to do all the work! No fair! Participation by the girl should be required, too!

Well, guy, I have the solution right here. Pick up the girl! Physically! Then set her down gently, and pick her up again, and set her down again.... Repeat until both of you are satisfied with the muscle-building results.

An actual group of girls is recommended. They can take turns being picked up, obviously, but also can help ensure that each such girl is set down safely (something like the idea of "spotting" when hefting barbells).

An actual gadget may now be described. Consider the standard bench upon which a guy lays back-down, to reach up and heft a barbell. Replace the supports for the barbell with another cushioned bench, cross-wise and higher-up than the original bench. The girl lays back-down on this bench. However, the cushioned plank upon which she lies is not attached to its supports; the whole plank, along with the girl, can be lifted by the guy. And set back down, of course.

(An alternate version would have the plank attached to its supports, but the plank would have cut-outs where the guy could reach through and directly lift only the girl. Friendly girl required, of course.)

Vernon, Oct 20 2010


       This just doesn't sound like you, [Vernon].   

       To build pectoral muscles, you need to use them. A straight-forward 'picking up' motion doesn't seem like quite the right move to me. The guy would basically have to bench-press the girl, or girls, for best results. Your approach, while well-intentioned, presents some slight social problems. Any comments?
Boomershine, Oct 20 2010

       // The guy would basically have to bench-press the girl, or girls //   

       That's not as uncommon as you might think. It just doesn't happen in public.
8th of 7, Oct 20 2010

       [Vernon] if you are reading this, I should tell you that someone has hijacked your account and is posting really lame ideas.   

       On the plus side, they're a lot shorter than yours.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 20 2010

       //Pick up the girl!...Then set her down gently, and pick her up again, and set her down again//   

       [8th] //That's not as uncommon as you might think.//   

       Now that you mention it, there is something familiar sounding about this activity...   

       //Repeat until both of you are satisfied...// Ah, now I see.   

       Brilliant, [Vernon].
Boomershine, Oct 20 2010

       I concur, [Boomer]... bun! [+]
Grogster, Oct 21 2010

       I'm surprised you didn't have some plan to fill the girls up with steel shot before applying an electromagnet device, [Vernon].
infidel, Oct 21 2010

       I gotchyer electromagnetic device right here, [infidel].
Boomershine, Oct 21 2010

       (-) Putting the "dumb" back in "dumbbell".   

       [Please don't use categories as a pun. (In this case, "support group".) It makes stuff hard to find if new users have to first read an idea in order to understand what the category assignment means. Thanks!]
jutta, Oct 21 2010

       Chicks always seem lighter than sacks of cement, even if they are not. I think that's because there is more "chi" in chicks than there is in cement.
afinehowdoyoudo, Oct 21 2010

       I take it you've never wrestled with the dead.
daseva, Oct 21 2010

       "I'm a barbell girl,
In a barbell world."
infidel, Oct 21 2010

       Would the girls be know as weightresses?
marklar, Oct 21 2010

       No. I think airheads would be closer to the mark.
infidel, Oct 21 2010

       And so, as before, the physiques of gay men are the envy of their straight peers.
pocmloc, Oct 21 2010

       [bigsleep], no, a barbelle is a different sort of girl altogether, typically found in pubs.
Vernon, Oct 22 2010

       //a barbelle is a different sort of girl altogether, typically found in pubs.//   

       Different how? You could still pick one up, couldn't you? I thought that was why they were there.
Boomershine, Oct 23 2010

       Barbelles are also expecting drinks and possibly other stuff. The girls properly associated with this Idea are involved because it is their responsibility/obligation to be involved. Such is indicated in the main text!
Vernon, Oct 24 2010

       They do this in 'Worlds Strongest Oaf' competitions.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 26 2010


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