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Light Zeppelin

Interior room light with remote control
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Light Zeppelin is a replica model of the well known dirigible range, made from similar (flameproof) materials and style to that of the famous Noguchi lamps (see link)

Unlike the Noguchi lamps, which are static, Light Zeppelin can rove about the ceiling, taking its power like a dodgem from an overhead grid.

It glows from within, and makes the occasional spark, as its little fan motors drive it around under guidance from a hand held remote.

xenzag, Oct 14 2007

Noguchi Lamp https://www.canoeon...hop/products/42.jpg
one of many examples [xenzag, Oct 14 2007]

Zeppelin http://quasar.physi...~aste/zeppelin2.jpg
[xenzag, Oct 14 2007]

King Volcano: Dirigible Fish Lamp http://kingvolcano....e%20fish%20lamp.jpg
Doesn't fly around, though. [jutta, Oct 14 2007]

Indoor Blimp http://www.crazyabo...m/detail.asp?ID=780
Always wanted one, never had one. [wagster, Oct 14 2007]


       Is it full of helium? Or on a track?
bungston, Oct 14 2007

       I'd say helium, or it would be taking it's power from the track, not the grid. Therein lies a problem. Dodgems are powered by a voltage difference between the grid and the floor, but the zeppelin isn't connected to the floor so it has no neutral.   

       You could maybe start by modifying one of those indoor airships (link) to light up inside and automatically return to a charging station, Roomba-style.   

       Another [xenzag] triumph of poetry over technology.
wagster, Oct 14 2007

       My dodgem technicians are waiting to devilishly solve all details.
I had originally planned this idea to be a ceiling railway track with a sort of upside-down train that would run from room to room, but distractions set in as they do....
xenzag, Oct 14 2007

       Awesome Idea!
quantum_flux, Oct 15 2007

       //Always wanted one, never had one.//   

       We bought one of those for a friend's birthday. Good fun, though a little slow and tough to manoeuvre.   

       That might be the hardest word to spell *ever*. "Manoeuvre."
theleopard, Oct 15 2007

       One could run it on the difference between grid and zeppelin, then rely on the zeppelin to periodically emit a bolt of lightning to re-estabish neutral. It would be obvious to zeppelin watchers when this was due to happen, because the zeppelin would slow and dim. After the bolt, it would brighten and speed up.
bungston, Oct 15 2007

       The power seems to be the stumbling block, so how about putting a coated fine screen on the ceiling to act as an transmitting antenna(half of a capacitor) and put a similar one at the top of the blimp (other half) and power the blimp wirelessly? If it would almost always stay in contact with the ceiling then you don't even have to up the frequency unless your lights need real power. Alternately I like the upside down monorail design with contacts on each side of the "track" which is supported by "J" hooks.
MisterQED, Oct 15 2007

       "Why does your light fixture keep zapping my computer screen?"   

       The power solution is obvious: have 2 contacts, like an up-side-down slot car.
RayfordSteele, Oct 15 2007


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