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product: light
Subcategories of "product: light":
Alive    Chandelier    Color 
Control    Decoration    Disco Ball 
Glow-In-The-Dark    Lava Lamp    LED 
Motion    Nightlight    Sky 

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Ideas in bold have been created this week.
 (+12, -7)  1.5 legged trouser lamp 
 (+1, -5)  Adjustable LED Flashlight 
 (+6, -1)  Are You Feeling Lucky Punk? 
 (+9)(+9)  Coffee Table Light 
 (+5, -2)  Coke Lighter 
 (+2)  DJ SmokeScreen 
   Dolphin torch 
 (+2)  Dual focus reading lamp 
   Fiber optic lighting for homes 
 (+4)  Flattering light vest 
 (+17, -1)(+17, -1)  Forehead Projector 
 (+5)  glowaround cones 
   High Efficiency Incandescent Meat Bulb 
 (+1)  Hybrid Light Fixture 
 (+6, -1)  Iced Light 
 (+3, -5)  Joke Bulb 
 (+5, -1)  Key Light 
 (+1)  Laser-lit home 
 (+8)(+8)  LCD room lighting 
 (+12, -1)(+12, -1)  led comfy mat 
 (+9)(+9)  LED Emergency Signal Beacon 
 (+11, -2)(+11, -2)  Light Zeppelin 
 (+2, -1)  Lyter 
 (+6)  More Matches 
 (+2)  Neon Sign 
 (+17, -4)(+17, -4)  Passive illuminated sign 
 (+3)  Put a ceiling light to a hook on a ceiling when exercise 
 (+6)  Reading Owl 
 (+5)  Reciprocating-piston internal combustion combined lighting-heating-generator unit 
   recolorable metal paint gives decorators wider abilities 
 (+5)  Refillable glowsticks 
 (+2)  Regulated Luminosity Lamp 
 (+4)  Rubber Mallet Light Switch 
 (+3, -1)  SED Native American PhotonLight 
 (+6, -5)  Single Source House Lighting 
   Solar Christmas 
 (+1)  Spring Romance Affective Lighting 
 (+2)  Sticky Tape Flashlight 
   Tetrachromat dance theatre lighting 
 (+6, -1)  Video strobe light 
   Whale-scented candles 


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