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Lighted Coffeemaker Water Window

A light inside the coffeemaker, near the water viewing window.
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Depending on lighting conditions, it's sometimes difficult to see how much water has been put into the reservoir of a coffeemaker.

I propose adding a small light inside the coffeemaker, shining down on the surface of the water being shown in the reservoir's window.

goldbb, Feb 09 2010

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       I'm not sure if this is relevant, but many kettles have a light like this. The light is usually in the water rather than above it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2010

       I have had difficulty seeing the water level too, but I wonder if the cost of adding a light might make the cost of the coffee maker too expensive. Hence maybe a little penlite swinging from the barrel, affixed by duct tape and string might be in order?
blissmiss, Feb 09 2010

       Put some coffee grains in the water. Then it will show up better against the scale.
8th of 7, Feb 09 2010

       I think that a miniature buoy, with a bell and flashing light, should be crafted for that purpose.
DrWorm, Feb 09 2010

       Martha Stewart advice coming from 8th. Never, ever thought I'd see the day. Good little tip there 8th of 7. Pretty good little tip.
blissmiss, Feb 10 2010

       I think he might be playing a joke [blissmiss].
Placing grounds in the reservoir would end up plugging the intake I would think.

       I like the idea but isn't it just easier to fill it from the pot itself so you know how much you are filling it in the first place?   

       You would use logic and rational advice to critique an idea, would you...you...you...brainiac you!
blissmiss, Feb 10 2010

       Further to [2 fries with the long username]'s point, I have noticed that the amount of water in the reservoir is nearly the same as the amount that was in the carafe right before I poured it into the reservoir. Close enough, at any rate.
tatterdemalion, Feb 10 2010


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