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Cowboy Coffee Kit

For Anyone Who Wants The Real Flavor of the Old West
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Cowboy coffee is simple enough. Boil water that you have poured a measured amount of ground coffee in, wait (and hope) for the coffee grounds to sink to the bottom, then drink the concoction.

Unfortunately, that really doesn't give you the full experience... Until Now!

Introducing the GROGco Cowboy Coffee Kit. This handy kit gives you almost everything you'll need for a full Cowboy Coffee experience. Included in your kit will be:

A pot. A complimentary bag of coffee. Small rocks to form into a circle for the campfire. A large stump to sit on. A complete cowboy outfit (Please State Your Size). Sagebrush. A fully stocked chuck-wagon. A crusty, irascible old coot named "Cookie" whom you can't understand a word of, but you're fairly certain he's the camp cook. A team of flatulent horses. A herd of flatulent cows. Other ranch hands and stumps are available for an additional fee.

What is not included:

A methane generator. Hay. A bag of tobacco and rolling papers. A pair of tweezers to pull wood slivers from your bum.

Note: There is a nominal monthly service charge for the camp cook, livestock, and any additional ranch hands.

Grogster, Jul 02 2011

As If They Needed A Recipe http://www.cowboyshowcase.com/coffee.htm
[Grogster, Jul 03 2011]

how much extra to get this guy to make me some coffee?? http://www.gemsivad...owboy-and-horse.jpg
[xandram, Jul 07 2011]


       //A large stump to sit on// Isn't that the carrying case for the rest of the stuff ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 02 2011

       For a few dollars more you can buy a "Whoopie Stump" --- sure to break the ice at Cowboy parties...
Grogster, Jul 02 2011

       Funny thing. I've heard this called ghetto coffee. I don't drink much, but others in the house do. It was made as you say, but in a teapot on the stovetop.
Zimmy, Jul 03 2011

       Eggshells....You left a few eggshells, a pinch of salt, and some battered enameled tin cups out of the kit components.
jurist, Jul 03 2011

       Excellent suggestion, [jurist]; we'll definitely add beat up enamel tin cups to the kit. (Hmmm, good thing we supply a BIG chuck-wagon, I have a feeling there are other things left out of the kit as well) Not sure about the eggshells, though --- the only thing Cookie knows how to prepare other than coffee is baked beans.
Grogster, Jul 03 2011

       eggshells, dunno why; pinch of salt to take a bit of the edge off.
FlyingToaster, Jul 03 2011

       //eggshells, dunno why;// Eggshells (with a bit of the original albumen) will help clarify the coffee to avoid "Mississippi Mud" and slightly alter the acidity of the coffee often associated from boiling and over-extraction from the grounds. A pinch of salt will also help break the surface tension in the brew and help the solids fall out of solution. It was a tradition of western camp cooking.
jurist, Jul 03 2011

       Can you order a Diamondback Rattlesnake In The Bedroll to amuse and entertain your friends ?
8th of 7, Jul 03 2011

       Excellent idea, [8th]! And if you order today I'll throw in some scorpions!
Grogster, Jul 03 2011


       And a blunt knife to eat them with.
Ling, Jul 04 2011

       I'm amazed that these annotations have contained, thus far, no Brokeback Mountain references.
hippo, Jul 04 2011

       Possibly because Halfbakers are more inclined to be afficionados of "Blazing Saddles" ?
8th of 7, Jul 04 2011

       There were a lot more gay people in BS.
nomocrow, Jul 04 2011


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