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Like Pictionary but...

not that similar in many ways.
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Like pictionary in that you have a visual means to display an idea but instead you must model the 'said item' out of marzipan left handed with your eyes shut. the winner gets to eat the marzipan. It has been discussed that for the modelling of animals monster munch may be included for the feet to aid the creative process.
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

Upstarts: Rapidough http://www.upstarts...rd_games/(offset)/5
[jutta, Oct 24 2005]

Walkers: Monster Munch http://walkers.corp....asp?snacktypeid=30
Foot-shaped crisps or chips. [jutta, Oct 24 2005]


       I can only manage worms...
po, Oct 24 2005

       try modelling something wih feet. you'll get the bonus monster munch.
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

       Without the food aspect, I know this game under the name "Sculptionary" or "Play-Doh Charades". There's an interesting commercial variant called "Rapidough".
jutta, Oct 24 2005

       oh, I'm even more useless with my feet.
po, Oct 24 2005

       apparently there is monster munch that makes your mouth go blue now. i don't know for what purpose - just thought you'd like to know.
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

       For what purpose? Halloween, of course.
jutta, Oct 24 2005

       ahh. everything makes sense now. and i mean everything.
roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005

       Everything? They are severely short on mysteries at royworld.   

       The whole left handed with your eyes shut out of marzipan thing is very obscure sounding. Any particular reason why?
hidden truths, Oct 24 2005

       there is a good reason why - but roy doesn't know it. the idea was actually spawned by 2 rubber neck punks drinking dragon stout, roy is merely their messenger to the outside world. (thats an apology for stealing their idea).
roy of royworld, Oct 26 2005

       Does the winner or loser eat the "feet manipulated" marzipan ?!
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 26 2005

       there is no feet manipulation involved - included in the game are monster munch feet that you can utilise to use in your model as feet to save valuable time and effort fashioning toes from marzipan. you may not eat the monster munch feet. left handed yes, left footed no. thats a whole different ball game/marzipan game.
roy of royworld, Oct 26 2005


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