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chef charades

a cooking and guessing game
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At the beginning of each episode, someone will choose a genre and specific title for example movie -'To Kill a Mockingbird', 'Passion of the Christ' etc

A small bell is rung several times to indicate that the chef must begin.

Within a set time limit - the chef must prepare a dish in such a way that audience members or celebrity buffoons must try and guess what film, book, song etc he or she is trying to express.

I think this would be fun to watch as chefs frantically attempt to prepare desserts in the vein of Proust, David Lynch, Mel Gibson etc.

Another bell could be rung several times to indicate the segment has finished, but a 'gong' sound may also work depending on what is available.

You may also play this at home with friends or care workers.

benfrost, May 16 2005


       Dinner and a Movie?
justaguy, May 16 2005

       Oh........I was hoping for a restaurant where the waiter would convey the specials to you in mime.
normzone, May 17 2005

       just go to your local 'Mime and Dine.'
benfrost, May 18 2005

       So "Titanic" could be a damaged gravy boat?
soliloquy, Aug 12 2005

       I shudder to think what "Se7en" would be as a dish. Maybe Haggis.
Saruman, Jun 03 2006

       the possibilities are endless. bun! easiest movie to guess: Pi.
epicproblem, Jun 03 2006


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