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Lil' Bodysnatcher

A robot.
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You set it in the forest and it has cameras that can see little things run by it and then, when they get close enough, bam! A claw comes out and grabs the little animal and carries it into a cage. Inside the cage, the animal is burned and fuels the recharging of batteries.

Batteries are harvested on a periodic basis, depending on the amount of fuel.

Lil' Bodysnachers are not inhumane. They are only used in areas where there is irrefutable abundance of little critters.

daseva, Dec 11 2008

Preheating this idea... http://www.foxnews....tml?test=latestnews
Ha! You skeptics, it is possible! [daseva, Jul 15 2009]


       What colours would it come in?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2008

       I was thinking of a similar ad campaign to the ipod nano-chromatics.
daseva, Dec 12 2008

       That's a good question, but I think the answer might be 'maybe'. I set a bag of cheetos on fire and that worked, anyways.
daseva, Dec 12 2008

       [-] for cruelty.   

       I think energy is only generated if the body is dried; otherwise evaporating water uses all the energy.
sninctown, Dec 12 2008

       But...what if they decide that We are irrefutably overabundant little critters?   

       [marked-for-stupidity] -
theGem, Dec 12 2008

       To get energy, you'll have to squish out the water, let it dry a bit, and burn the resulting paste.
Voice, Dec 14 2008

       Why do I always feel slightly unnerved whenever I see "Lil'"?
zen_tom, Dec 16 2008

       //Why do I always feel slightly unnerved whenever I see "Lil'"?//   

       It's all those gangsters.
Noexit, Dec 16 2008

       well it would at least provide more calories to not have to evaporate the water as well. Anyway, I don't think the critters would burn.
Voice, Dec 18 2008

       //Why do I always feel slightly unnerved whenever I see "Lil'"?//

Because the apostrophe is in the wrong place perhaps?
DrBob, Jul 16 2009

       //otherwise evaporating water uses all the energy//
Hmm, crematoria steam-engines...
coprocephalous, Jul 16 2009


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