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Limited Speeds

instead of Speed Limits
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Include a new feature to all onstar equipped vehicles that limits the top speed to only 5 mph over the posted speed limit for sections of road that are prone to accidents. (residential areas, work zones, downtown, school zones, railroad crossings, etc.)

The sections of road would need to broadcast a directional signal up and down the road to alert and activate this Onstar feature. All Onstar vehicles would have this feature active even if they're not subscribing to the extra features. The strength of the signal and the number of signal repeaters would determine the length of road that would have this limited speed.

To keep all Onstar vehicles updated with the safest and most realiable software they would be required to be reflashed whenever they come to a dealer or oil change location for automatic updates.

Even if only 20% of cars have Onstar, traffic would be slowed without the need for other inefficient methods. (reduced need for policing/ticketing, elimination of speed bumps and their inherent maintenence and damage inducing behavior, etc.)

moots13181, Feb 22 2009

OnStar explained http://www.onstar.c...ar_basics/index.jsp
A kind of opt-in 911 for cars - well GM cars anyway. [zen_tom, Feb 23 2009]

911 (Nine-one-one) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9-1-1
Dial this number in the US to call the cops. [zen_tom, Feb 23 2009]


       [-] oh yay, more nanny-state stuff i gotta pay for.... what would be *useful* would be if an "On-Star" system started beeping at you if you were over the limit in one of those zones... I'd say an external system on the road but some (other) well-meaning idiot would attach a camera.
FlyingToaster, Feb 22 2009

       Unfortunately GM have to sell their cars first and putiing speed limiters in their cars but not others will make them hard to sell.
Bad Jim, Feb 22 2009

       That's why we folk in advertising still have jobs. You sell the system as ultra advanced cruise control. An optional safety feature to prevent accidentally creeping over the limit, thereby avoiding expensive fines. And you'll save money by driving at nice constant fuel efficient speeds.   

       Or you make it so that parents can switch it on so their kids can't speed. Plus, you have the option of having it on permanently in return for lower insurance premiums.
marklar, Feb 22 2009

       Hmm. Now you put it like that, I want one too.
Bad Jim, Feb 22 2009

       >21 Quest: I read your idea before posting mine. Your idea required something to be installed in peoples cars... this would be very hard to convince people of without the additional benefits that onstar can provide.   

       >Flying Toaster: This idea wouldn't require anyone to buy this system as it would come pre-packaged with Onstar. As far as your idea of something beeping at you.... that doesn't work (from personal experience - my GPS can be programmed to do this).
moots13181, Feb 23 2009

       I'm unimpressed by the idea. Basically if you make it even easier (read: less concentration required) for people to drive long distances they will nod off. I can imagine some idiot holding his foot flat the entire time his limiter equipped vehicle is on the road, and then forgetting what happens when the truck in front of him can't accellerate as fast as he can.
BLSTIC, Feb 23 2009

       Can someone tell me what an OnStar is? You guys are all talking about it as if it's a Hoover, or a JCB - I've not been exposed to this particular piece of branding yet, is it a new US thing?
zen_tom, Feb 23 2009

       //A kind of opt-in 911 for cars //
I thought 911s were built by Porsche.
coprocephalous, Feb 23 2009

       Arse, I injected an Americanism (911) into an explanation of another Americanism (OnStar) - where will this all end?
zen_tom, Feb 23 2009


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